Admission / Port freeze

Stutsman County Housing Authority is experiencing a budget crunch for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Due to the funding shortfall identified, SCHA will not authorize moves or port-outs (transfers) with continue assistance to higher rent jurisdictions. This includes households whose vouchers have been previously transferred from SCHA to another area outside SCHA jurisdiction. If clients choose to move from their current unit, they will be subject to the provisions listed below.

For moves within “ported” jurisdiction:

• SCHA will only approve moves to units that have a rental cost less than or equal to the current assisted rental unit.

For port out of existing jurisdiction:

• The receiving housing authority absorbs the voucher into their existing program.

• The household transfers their voucher to a housing authority whose payment standard is less than or equal to the payment standard of the SCHA.

Because of the budget crunch, SCHA will not be absorbing any new ports or adding any new vouchers until further notice. SCHA will honor any outstanding vouchers. It is unknown at this time the duration of this freeze. SCHA will inform all clients, landlords, and PHAs when the freeze ends.