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Owner’s / Renters Rebate


You may qualify for a reduction on your 2021 real estate taxes if:

1) You are 65 years old or will be during 2021 or permanently disabled.
2) You live in your own home.
3) Your income from all sources may not exceed $42,000
(after medical expenses).
4) Your assets may not exceed $500,000 including the value of your home.

Renters may also qualify for a refund from the State Tax Department if your income from all sources is $42,000 or less and you are 65 or will be during 2021 or permanently disabled. If you have any questions please contact the State Tax Department at 1-800-638-2901.
If you have any questions. Residents of Jamestown, call 252-5900 Jamestown City Assessor’s Office. Residents outside city limits, call 252-9035 Stutsman County Tax Director’s Office.
City of Jamestown Assessor’s Office

KFYR: Rent assistance program to continue in ND in 2021

Rent assistance program to continue in ND in 2021 (

“A program created during the COVID-19 pandemic to help those who may be struggling to pay their rent will continue to aid North Dakota residents into 2021.

The COVID-19 Emergency Rent Bridge program will continue to accept applications for those who may need help in the new year.  

Leaders with the program said more than 1,400 households across 30 counties have been helped since the program began in May of 2020. So far the program had provided $2.9 million in rental assistance payments to those in need.”

Community Action Needs Assessment

Community Action Partnership of North Dakota : Needs Assessment : Statewide Needs Assessment (

Community Action Agencies recently conducted a statewide community needs assessment in conjunction with North Dakota State University and the North Dakota Department of Commerce, Division of Community Services. We are excited to share the results!  Each of the eight regions in North Dakota have comprehensive results that showcase the needs in their specific geographic region related to employment, income and asset-building, education, housing, health and social/behavior development, civic engagement and other supports. 

GPHA Office remodel

Great Plains Housing Authority offices in Jamestown are under construction. The remodeling will improve client services, create socially distanced waiting, merge meeting spaces, and provide flexibility for staffing.

The construction will last a few weeks with a January 1 target date for completion.

GPHA-Jamestown offices will remain open normal hours during construction.