Security deposit program

There are limited funds available for security deposits at this time.

GPHA administers a security deposit program with HOME funds.  Households can apply for a grant of $300 towards their security deposit or utility deposit.  Households do not need to be on housing assistance, but must meet income guidelines for their respective counties.

HOME - deposit income limits

# of personsIncome limit
Income limits set by HUD to receive HOME funds effective August 1, 2018.

Please contact the housing authority covering the respective counties:

  • Barnes – Barnes County Housing Authority: 701-845-2600
  • Dickey – Great Plains Housing Authority: 701-252-1098
  • Foster – Great Plains Housing Authority: 701-252-1098
  • Griggs – Cooperstown Housing Authority: 701-797-2386
  • LaMoure – McIntosh Housing Authority: 701-288-3645
  • Logan – Great Plains Housing Authority: 701-252-1098
  • McIntosh – McIntosh Housing Authority: 701-288-3645
  • Stutsman – Great Plains Housing Authority: 701-252-1098
  • Wells – Great Plains Housing Authority: 701-252-1098

HOME Security Deposit Guidelines | Great Plains Housing Authority

Program Guidelines

Great Plains Housing Authority (GPHA) has the following program guidelines for the HOME Security Rental and Utility Deposit program.

Households applying for the HOME security deposit grant must follow the criteria below:

  • Total household income must be 60% or lower of the HOME Income limits set by HUD;
  • Applicant or power of attorney must be the person applying for the assistance;
  • Cannot have received the HOME deposit grant in the past two years;
  • Must reside within the region / counties specified;
  • Tenant selection must comply with 92.209 (c);
  • Security deposit checks will directed only to the landlord;
  • Utility deposits are mailed directly to the utility company specified;
  • The unit must be Housing Quality Standards (HQS) compliant and be inspected by a housing authority;
  • Amount requested by applicant cannot exceed one month’s rent for housing cost;
  • The proposed rent must be deemed reasonable with comparisons done by the local housing authority or be under the fair market rents set by HUD;
  • Landlords must agree to receive security deposit and provide information;
  • Landlords must sign lead base paint form, prohibited clauses addendum, and provide signed lease;
  • Lease must comply with the requirements of section 92.253 (a), (b), (c);
    • Landlords must agree to and sign the prohibited lease clauses addendum;
  • This is a grant, and the deposit money should be returned to the client when applicable.