Eddy County

Office location: Foster County Courthouse, Carrington ND

Mailing address: Great Plains Housing Authority, 300 2nd Ave NE – Suite 200, Jamestown, ND 58401

Hours: By appointment

Phone: 701-252-1098

Fax: 701-252-7735

Email: office@greatplainsha.com

Map of Eddy County
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Section 8 Voucher Waiting list – Eddy County

ECHA currently has a waiting list that runs several months, depending on the need and funding available.

In order to help those in great need, ECHA implemented preferences.  Once your application has been processed you will receive a letter stating that you have been placed on the waiting list according to our local preferences which are:


Applicants must choose a waiting list preference by checking a box, and provide the requested documentation.  Please read the required documents list, and provide the documents when submitting an application.  The applicant’s waiting list preference is set at the time of application, and will not be changed after the application is processed.

Victims of Domestic Violence

Documentation required: Victims must sign a confidentiality release and/or provide a letter from a domestic violence center stating the center worked with the applicant.  ECHA will also check police records regarding the applicant to ensure information is accurate.

Individuals or families residing within Eddy County (processed in the following order and by date applied)

  • Elderly and disabled households
  • Families with minor children
  • All others

Applicants must provide documentation demonstrating residency in Eddy County.  Documents must show a current Eddy County address (PO Box addresses not accepted).  Acceptable documents include pay stubs, utility bills, lease, cell phone or phone bills, or a notarized letter demonstrating established residence.

Non-residents of Eddy County (processed in the following order and by date applied)

  • Elderly and disabled households
  • Families with minor children
  • All others

ECHA will notify applicants if they are on a waiting list.  Eddy County Housing Authority handles Section 8 housing assistance and does own the New Rockford Duplexes.

We currently have a waiting list and expect applicants to wait four to six months.

Eddy County income limits

# personsExtremely low incomeVery low income
HUD set income limits for housing assistance programs. Effective May 1, 2021.

Eddy County Payment Standard limits

Size (bedroom)Amount
Payment standard is the rent plus tenant responsible utilities. Rates starting January 1, 2023 for new, moves, and annual clients.