Stutsman County Housing Authority and its partners will begin using a new inspection protocol in May 2018.  The inspection protocol is something being rolled out nationalwide and mandated by Congress.  As a test site, SCHA gets to use the software and training and provide direct feedback to HUD.  This is a resource area to update our clients, landlords, and other service providers on the upcoming inspection changes.

What does this mean for Inspectors?
HQS Current Standard HQS Current Standard
Inspector Inspector
Current Role:

  • Use the HQS standard to make a pass/fail decision on inspectable items.
  • Either use paper or electronic method in order to conduct inspections.


  • Not able to capture detailed information of the condition of the unit; only pass/fail with comment entries are being recorded.
  • Paper recording systems can slow the inspection process due to data transfer at PHA office.


Future Role:

  • Will use the a new standard to record the condition of the unit (L1, L2, L3, E, LT).
  • Must use an electronic handheld device (tablet/smartphone to conduct an inspection.
  • Guided decision-tree software can lead to a better conducted inspection.
  • Will be able to take photos of deficiency conditions.
  • The inspector will need training on the UPSC-V protocol and software.


  • A more clearly defined protocol allows for more consistent inspections.
  • An electronic inspection system allows for quicker upload and file transfer time.
  • UPCS-V inspections will be replicable by other inspectors and the subjectivity and ambiguities within the protocol will be fewer compared to HQS.
  • A deficiency driven approach is more objective compared to a static checklist.


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