Other housing opportunities-GPHA

Other housing options in Stutsman County:

Government subsidized housing units:

Metro Plains (various locations)                701-252-5215

Prairie Homes Management       1-888-893-9501

Valley Rental                                      701-269-2529

Handicap accessible housing units:

Central Dakota Village                    701-252-5660

Dewey Apartments                        701-252-1525

Friendship Homes                           701-252-5881

Gardenette                                        701-251-2516

Metro Plains                                      701-252-5215

Prairie Homes Management       1-888-893-9501

Local supportive services and disability organizations:

Alpha Opportunities                       701-252-0162

Family Support Network               701-252-2847

Freedom Resource Center          701-252-4693

Progress Enterprises                      701-252-6994

Protection and Advocacy              800-642-6694

South Central Human Services   701-253-6300

Vocational Rehabilitation              701-253-6300