Staffing changes at SCHA

Linda Griffith, Program Manager, is retiring from Stutsman County Housing Authority on April 30, 2015. Linda has provided assistance and guidance to thousands of clients during her 25 years at SCHA. In addition, Linda worked with hundreds of landlords, owners, and property managers during that time in facilitating the HUD Certificate and Vouchers programs. Retirement plans includes more time with family and motorcycle rides with her husband John. SCHA will host a retirement party on Thursday, April 30th from 2-4 pm.

Cassie DuBray joined SCHA in March as the Assistant Executive Director for the housing authority. Cassie will cover the duties previously held by Linda Griffith, and be working with the various board of directors and HUD for the counties SCHA covers. Cassie previously work at the University of Jamestown for the past seven years in marketing and enrollment departments.