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Office closures

Starting Tuesday, July 27 – GPHA will close the office on Tuesdays from 9:00 until 10:00 to participate in state meetings. This is affected meetings Tuesday mornings until October.

Rights for Renters

Rights for Renters

Virtual Training

Tuesday, July 27th 12:30pm
Join High Plains Fair Housing Center and Legal Services of North Dakota on July 27th
to learn about leases, the eviction process, fair housing practices, and your rights as a renter in North Dakota.
Legal Services of North Dakota will discuss common landlord/tenant issues and the best way to avoid them as well as state laws that protect renters. High Plains Fair Housing Center will provide educational information about federal and state fair housing laws so you can recognize housing discrimination and know what to do about it. Topics covered will include: Overview of landlord/tenant laws. Eviction process. Lease terminology. Rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. Fair Housing Laws: who is protected and what is prohibited? Examples of housing discrimination and remedies. Reasonable accommodations and modifications for persons with disabilities. How to file a housing discrimination complaint. Accessing the Rent Help program in North Dakota. Your housing rights are protected by state and federal laws. Join us in this virtual meeting on Tuesday, July 27th to find out more! Register online by clicking below or on our website at  For questions or needed accommodations, please email or call 701-204-6676.
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Phone issues

GPHA is having some phone issues today regarding inbound calls. Please leave us voicemails and the office will call back. Our phone provider is aware of the issue. Again, please leave us voicemails and the office will reach you.

GPHA Special Meeting

Great Plains Housing Authority will have a special board meeting on Wednesday, June 23rd at 8:00 AM via Zoom to finalize the FY2022 budget and new program details. / meeting ID 988 4632 9204 / Passcode 354875