Accounting proposals

Request for monthly and year-end accounting

Great Plains Housing Authority (GPHA) administers HUD Housing Choice Voucher programs across four counties and administers Dickey Sargent Housing Authority and Eddy County Housing Authority. Each agency has a separate HUD contract, fiscal year, Quickbooks (online), banking accounts, and PHA-Web housing software.

GPHA contracts with Brady Martz for governmental auditing each year and has contracted fee accountants that post year-end closing financials to HUD’s REAC systems.

GPHA is seeking proposals to cover monthly bookkeeping services to

  • Review monthly adjustments (GPHA only).
  • Assist with year-end closing entries (GPHA, DSHA, ECHA).
    • GPHA fiscal year end June 30.
    • DSHA fiscal year end December 31.
    • ECHA fiscal year end June 30.
  • Rental receipts (ECHA).
  • Reconcile accounts (GPHA, DSHA, ECHA).
  • Review deposits and reconcile with client records (GPHA, DSHA, ECHA).
  • Review receipts and documents (GPHA only).

Optional assistance: GPHA participates in NDPERS retirement and needs to prepare year-end adjustments following GASB 68 & 75. NDPERS provides documentation online. Brady Martz reviews liability accounts and entries.

Optional assistance: GPHA leases equipment and office space and must following GASB 87. Brady Martz set-up accounts and initial entries.

GPHA will provide access to Quickbooks, bank statements, and PHA-Web reports.

Accounting contract to start July 1, 2023, and renew annually. Bids are due to Great Plains Housing Authority by Friday, May 5th at noon. GPHA reserves the right to accept or reject all bids.

Great Plains Housing Authority does all payroll, checks, payments, housing assistance payments, and banking transactions internally. GPHA’s software does all tax payments, tax form mailings, and tax form submissions.

Please contact David at 701-252-1098 or for more information or questions.