The Federal Budget passed, now what?

The Federal Budget for fiscal year 2011 was enacted on April 18.  Many groups, including HUD, are still reviewing the details and making decisions on how to implement the budget.

What information I can pass on regarding housing is this:

  • Overall, the housing assistance payments will increase 2.23% nationwide.  We do not know if we will receive any of that increase.
  • The increase does not offset the increase in rents and utilities we’ve seen in the past year.
  • Because there is not a pre-determined amount for SCHA, we cannot say when or how many families will be added to the program.
  • When we have a final number, we will post information on our website regarding the amount.

Our other budget is for administering the program.  Housing authorities are paid per voucher that is leased.  HUD sets the amount we are paid per voucher; Congress makes the decisions on if they provide full funding.  Previously, we received 92% of that amount each month.  The new budget reduces that to 79% and it may go lower as HUD makes the allocation decisions.  The budget may create some staffing challenges, but we hope to overcome those challenges.  SCHA is committed to providing customer service to our clients and communities.

In the coming weeks, SCHA will know how the 2011 Federal budget will shape our budgetary future.