Where am I on the list and why is it taking so long?

These are two questions we receive the most, and below are the answers we can give.

First, we may not give our where you are on the list because the list changes daily. If you look at our waiting list information online, you will notice we have a local preference, and some categories within that preference. If we receive an application today, it could push your name further down the list. If someone requests we pull their application, you name may go up or down. The number that we give you today, may not be the number we give you next week.

In addition, the number may not tell you anything in regards to when you will get assistance. We have not added any new clientele for some time, and will not until we are below the budgetary level. Once that happens, households will be added one or two at a time. That is IF there isn’t a cut in funding.

Why is it taking so long? We need to get down to our budget level through terminations (voluntary, violations, deaths, moves). Each month we review client files and have noticed more dollars are needed to help our current caseload. Because there was no cost of living adjustment with Social Security, but an increase in rent and utilities, we are using more assistance to support those households. This is making it even more difficult to reach that budget amount.