Program public notices

Great Plains Housing Authority is proposing three administrative changes that require public notices. 

The first notice is to change the Section 8 Administrative Plan to allow for a discretionary deduction of child support payments made by a household member from the income.  The current standard uses gross income regardless of child support paid.  The deduction would only be allowed if the household member is paying child support.

The second notice is to change the 5-Year and Annual Plan to include Project Based Vouchers and Mainstream Vouchers.  The utilization of project based vouchers requires long-term contracts and budget allocation.  Mainstream vouchers are specific vouchers awarded through a federal grant process.

The third notice is to add Project Based Vouchers policies and procedures to the Section 8 Administrative Plan.

Any comments should be emailed to or mailed to Great Plains Housing Authority, 300 2nd Ave NE – Suite 200, Jamestown, ND  58401 by Monday, May 18, 2020. The board of commissioners will review and vote on each item at its regular meeting on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.