Owner’s / Renters Rebate


You may qualify for a reduction on your 2021 real estate taxes if:

1) You are 65 years old or will be during 2021 or permanently disabled.
2) You live in your own home.
3) Your income from all sources may not exceed $42,000
(after medical expenses).
4) Your assets may not exceed $500,000 including the value of your home.

Renters may also qualify for a refund from the State Tax Department if your income from all sources is $42,000 or less and you are 65 or will be during 2021 or permanently disabled. If you have any questions please contact the State Tax Department at 1-800-638-2901.
If you have any questions. Residents of Jamestown, call 252-5900 Jamestown City Assessor’s Office. Residents outside city limits, call 252-9035 Stutsman County Tax Director’s Office.
City of Jamestown Assessor’s Office