Jamestown-FREE Summer Meals for Youth & Teens

Who can participate:

All children 18 and younger can come and eat at no cost. Youth are invited to join us at any of the Great Plains Food Bank host sites for a healthy meal!

No registration is required. (See details, 2023 Summer Meals Poster)

2023 Summer Meal Menu

There are 13 meal choices available at the extension office site from the Great Plains Food Bank, plus the 5-day meal boxes (4 menu choices). Youth or parent/guardian can pick up their meal(s) from one of the Jamestown host sites. They can take their meals as a grab-and-go. (Note: Meals will vary at each host site.)


  • You may pick up more than one-day’s worth of meals, up to 7 days only. (Then return the following week, if possible on the same day).
  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form: If you are picking up food for your youth, this form will need to be filled out at that host site (only-one time) and will be kept on file. (The form that is attached has the information for the Extension Host Site, if you go to another host site you will need to fill out their form.)
  • Stutsman County Extension Host Site will only have meal service available three-days a week… Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00-1:00 PM.
  • At the Extension office, service will start Wednesday, May 31st and will end on August 23rd.
  • All meals must be served with a Milk, but you can choose to share the milk back and put on the share table for others.
  • Youth and Parents may enter through the Stutsman County Library south side doors or the main entrance to the NDSU Extension/Stutsman County office (south side).